Very fine candles and gifts

Light and beauty for the spaces we live in.


Custom Made to Harmonize and Enhance Your Brand!

We specialize in making custom boutique candles for small to large businesses.  We work with you to create a candle that represents who you are.   


It's More Than Wax, Wicks, and Scents!

Making a candle is like taking a journey, there are peaks and valleys, failures and triumphs and when its all over hopefully you have reached the end. At Adair Ya we strive to make a beautiful and maximum scented candle. We use 100% soy wax with the very finest fragrances. Our candles have only lead free paper wicks and we continually test and re-test our candles to ensure a perfect combination. The bottom line is a very fine candle indeed! So get some scents, I dare ya


A Fairytale In progress...

Once upon a time a stay at home mom named Sara Adair living in the woods of Van Buren, Arkansas had a little inspiration of the heart, "Make things that bring light and beauty to the spaces we live in." Thus began the story of Adair Ya.  We have been trying to bring light to our spaces ever since...

Adair Ya very fine candles and other gifts are designed and manufactured by Sara and Shawn Adair.

Who we are

100% Soy Wax + Finest Scents + Hand Poured


Custom Container

We can use a variety of vessels to pour wax in, we can even have custom vessels made.  Let us help you choose the right container for your image.

We have a large variety of scents available to choose from.  We can also custom create or match scents.  Let us work with you to choose a scent or collection of scents for your business.

Custom Scent

Custom Packaging

Your candle can be packaged in a variety of ways.  We are very good at assisting you in coming up with an affordable and unique look that harmonizes with your branding.  Contact us today and let us assist you.

Our minimum order is $500.00.

Minimum Order

Shawn Adair 479-461-7944

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Candles are wonderful wedding decor and gifts.  We can personalize them in a variety of ways.  Let us help you celebrate and enhance your special occasion.

The cross is a reflection of the divinely ordained moment of Christ’s sacrifice and the forever extension of his power.  The Adair Ya Cross is made of cut nails and glass.  Perfectly suited to hang on a wall or tree.


Wholesale price is $10.00 with a minimum order of $100.00